Driers and air-condiotioning
Lumber kilns
- hot-air kilns for drying softwood and hardwood lumber - complete turn-key delivery
- heating medium being water or steam
- cheap operation when using waste wood as fuel for obtaining heat
- filling capacity of lumber 6 to 100 m3
- when using boiler for waste wood, the problems with the disposal of waste will be omitted
- axial fans can woks also in reverse mode
- heaters made from bimetallic pipes
Possibility of delivery also separate parts for making kiln by customers themselves, e.g. for building-in these parts also to brick construction.
Dryers for industrial purposes
- box dryers
- electric heating
- drying temperature up to 250°C
- usage: baking of powder dyes, drying of parts after rinsing etc
- ventilation of industrial areas
- exhausting from machines and equipment
- sleeve filters
- separators
- welded duct